The District Commissioner liaises between Calgary Area and supports her Guiders within her District, creates a strong and extensive support team to help accomplish her duties, and creates a positive Guiding atmosphere for leaders and girls. Did you know... District Commissioners do not have to simultaneously be unit Guiders?

Read the position description about this rewarding role in Calgary Area and consider joining us on April 30th at 7pm for a fun and interactive DC4U information night.

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District Commissioner Position Description
District Commissioner Application Form


Working in close partnership with the membership committee, you will lead the public relations committee in their work to ensure that Calgary Area GUIDING is in the public eye. Your role in promoting the benefits of Guiding to girls and women will make a difference to each and every one of our Members.

Area PR Adviser Position Description

To apply please email Donna Leonard Robb at nominations@calgarygirlguides.com