Area Training Adviser - Joan -

The Training Committee wants to challenge you! All sessions will be offered at Guide Centre, 2188 Brownsea Ave NW, unless otherwise indicated. Register by calling the office at ☎ 403.283.8348 or email Provide your name, iMIS number, Guiding branch that you lead, District, your phone number, and your email address.

We have a new Training Challenge crest for 2014/2015. Anytime you take training, you can receive a crest. Ask your trainer!!

Register early so we don’t cancel a training that you're interested in!

Trainers will come to your District to give sessions to you closer to home. Contact the training committee at to book a training day for your District! Be sure to give about a month’s notice so the best trainers can be found for your sessions. Contact Guide Centre at to register for these sessions.

Unit Guider Stream

Safe Guide

Safe Guide compliance is part of all of our activities! That is why it is a mandatory session for Guiders within the first 6 months - actually counted from the day you first apply to be a leader..  This session is devoted to understanding our responsibility as Members of GGC in ensuring safety while managing risks in all of our activities. We will explore the contents of the document – you do not need to know it just need to know what to look for and where to find it! This session is geared to assisting you with that!

New Guider Day

Building your Unit Guider Skills; All about Your Branches and Safe Guide

Safe Guide

Safe Guide compliance is part of all of our activities! That’s why it is a mandatory session for all Guiders. All about Branches introduces you to the characteristics appropriate for the girls' ages and the program for each branch level and building your skills gives you information to assist you in running your unit.

All About Your Branch

(specific to each branch and for new and Guiders changing branches)

Over the session you will laugh and learn with other Unit Guiders from around the city. You will take away new ideas on ceremonies, events, programs planning with your girls and strategies in behaviour management and inclusivity as well as a good understanding of your branch’s program goals. When signing up please specify which branch.

Building Unit Guider Skills

(for all new Guiders)

This session will help you get comfortable with running your unit. You will leave this session with tips to be successful in your leadership role.

Other Trainings

Financial Management (for Unit or District Treasurers)

Are you a new Unit or District Treasurer? Do you need to know how to handle the finances? Come to this session as we explore the Financial Management package and learn the easy way to do the books!

Unit Guider Enrichment

Outdoor Activity Leadership (OAL)