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The Training Committee wants to challenge you!

Online Registration is here! Click on the Area Events Calendar for training session information. Click on the session that you want and find the registration link at the bottom of the description. It will take you to the registration form. Complete the form and submit--and you’re registered! You need to provide your name, iMIS number, Guiding branch that you lead, District, your phone number, and your email address. Watch the spelling of your email address as this is how your registration will be confirmed. And, your iMIS number is important as this is how the training will get entered into iMIS. All sessions will be offered at Guide Centre, 2188 Brownsea Ave NW, unless otherwise indicated.

Anytime you take training, you can receive one of our challenge crests. Ask your trainer!!

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We are always willing to bring training to your District. Contact the training committee at to book a training day, evening or daytime session for your District.
Be sure to give about a month’s notice so the best trainers can be found for your sessions.

Do you know that there is a training subsidy available from Calgary Area for you to take Training that has a cost? This might include First Aid or any of the Provincial Training Events. Ask your District Commissioner for details or look on the Calgary Area website.


Safe Guide

Safe Guide compliance is part of all of our activities! That’s why it is a mandatory session for all Guiders within your first 6 months. This session is devoted to understanding our responsibility as Members of GGC in ensuring safety while managing risks in activities. We’ll explore the contents of the document – you don’t need to know it all . . . you just need to know what to look for and where to find it! This session is geared to assisting you with that!

New Guider Training

All About Your Branch
Are you a new Guider or a Guider moving to a new Branch? Come to this session and learn about the age group you’ll be working with – choose the session for Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders or Rangers. We’ll discuss what to expect from each age and explore the new Girls First programming for each branch.

Building Unit Guider Skills
Learn how to run a unit meeting and be part of the leadership team, how to engage the girls in planning and programming, how to create a caring and supportive environment.


International Guiding

Come to learn more about International Guiding, ideas for putting International into your program with the girls and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) what they do, and how they support us.

Financial Management

Are you a new Unit or District Treasurer? Do you need to know how to handle the finances? Come to this session as we explore the Financial Management package and learn the easy way to do the books!

Residential Camping

Learn about Responsibilities, Leadership styles, ERP and SG forms and Girl Leadership. Safe Guide is a pre-requisite for this session.

Understand that planning camp is a team effort. We’ll cover Involving the Girls, Building the Team, Camp Planning Timeline, Campsites, Camp Itinerary and Program Planning, Camp Budget, Personal Gear and Group Equipment, Parent/Guardian Information Meeting.

Food and Nutrition
Learn about developing a menu plan, estimating quantities, understanding how to manage allergies and dietary concerns, understanding safe food handling and kitchen clean-up practices.

Getting Outside
This session will give you ideas and information about getting the girls out of the meeting hall. Learn how to make bubbles freeze (if it is cold enough!) and other games to play outside. We’ll also discuss dressing for the weather.

Camp Life
This session will cover running activities at camp, understanding how to conduct a fire safety and general camp orientation, evaluating the success of camp.

Weekend Tent Camp Training

Do you want to take your girls camping using tents, but don’t know how? Come to this weekend session where you’ll learn how to pitch a tent and sleep comfortably. We’ll teach you how to make nutritious meals without using a stove and how to plan a fun weekend. Cost is $40.00 per participant and we’ll meet with you prior to the weekend so there are no surprises when you get there. The weekend will go from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. The OAL Residential modules are a pre-requisite for this weekend.

Event Planning

Do you have to plan an event in your unit or District? Come to this session to learn what exactly an "event" is and what you need to do to plan it successfully. Some events that will be considered might be enrollment, advancement or Thinking Day. There are others, too, so bring your ideas and questions.

Bias Awareness and Diversity

Do you have questions about diversity and inclusivity in our organization? Are there girls or adults from different backgrounds in your unit? Come to this session to explore our inherent biases and how we can move towards acceptance of everyone.

Girls United - Anti-Bullying

Come to this session to explore ways to help girls develop healthy relationships with each other. We'll explore some of the characteristics of bullying and how to work with girls to change these behaviours so everyone can have a positive experience.