Area Training Adviser - Jan -

The Training Committee wants to challenge you!

Online Registration is here! Check the calendar below for training session information. Click on the session that you want and find the registration link at the bottom of the description. It will take you to the registration form. Complete the form and submit--and you’re registered! You need to provide your name, iMIS number, Guiding branch that you lead, District, your phone number, and your email address. Watch the spelling of your email address as this is how your registration will be confirmed. And, your iMIS number is important as this is how the training will get entered into iMIS. All sessions will be offered at Guide Centre, 2188 Brownsea Ave NW, unless otherwise indicated.

Anytime you take training, you can receive one of our challenge crests. We still have lots of the 2016/2017 crests and there is a new one coming. Ask your trainer!!

Register early so we don’t cancel a training that you're interested in!

Trainers will come to your District to give sessions to you closer to home. Contact the training committee at to book a training day for your District! Be sure to give about a month’s notice so the best trainers can be found for your sessions.

Training Session Descriptions