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Boating Tips

This is a Tip Sheet for Guiders about opportunities for doing boating such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing and standup paddle boarding in Calgary Area. Girls of all ages are allowed to do some boating. There are options for indoors and outdoors so boating can happen year-round!

Canadian Conservation Corps

CCC will come to your unit meeting or camp and provide free programming focused on nature and conservation. Programs available for all ages. Details here.

Resources for Remembrance Day

The Calgary Area Program Committee has put together this Resource Page full of great ideas for you

Colouring Page

This is a Rope CircleCoulouring Page created by LMS Artworks for Girl Guides

Inch by Inch Empowerment

Inch by Inch Empowerment has created workshops tailored to Guiding age levels to help girls believe in themselves, overcome bullying and find their inner confidence.

More details are available on this information page.

Mighty Minds - Mental Health Presentations

ConnecTeen is the Calgary Distress Centre's peer support service. They will come to units and provide FREE 45-minute presentations. Highly trained youth volunteers will help facilitate discussions with your girls about stigma and mental health as well as discuss common mental health concerns or issues they may be facing.

The presentations are best suited for Pathfinders and Rangers. They will consider presenting to Guides if the girls are mature. To book a presentation, visit the Parents and Professionals page on the ConnecTeen website.

More details are available on this information page.

Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids puts the fun in STEM through hands-on engineering activities for kids ages 4-14. From designing and constructing rockets, hovering cars and rollercoasters to robotics, video game designing and much more. We are pleased to offer special reduced pricing for Girl Guide units. Refer to our handout for further details about our workshops.

Engineering for Kids Handout

Rivers Edge Horsemanship Badge Programs

WHO: Brownies and up

Rivers Edge Camp is now offerring horsemanship programs specifically designed to match GGC badge requirements. Three different programs are offerred for Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders/Rangers. Girls will learn to safely care for and ride well trained horses. Lessons include horse safety and care, grooming, stable management, caring for tack and saddling (older girls) and riding skills.

Rivers Edge Horsemanship Programs

The camp also offers a wide range of other activities and accomodations so units can spend the whole day or weekend at the camp if desired. See Rivers Edge website for full details.

Ignite Image Consultation Presentations

Be Smart, Be Confident and Be YOURSELF

This empowering series of workshops equips participants with knowledge and skills to develop their sense of identity, self-image and self-management. Girls will participate in interactive demonstrations and activities enabling them to uncover their own unique talents and skills, while also getting to know their personal style and taste for fashion. Professional tips and techniques will also be shared for smart shopping, maintaining your clothes and your natural beauty, and creating the overall desired appearance. Workshops are best suited for Pathfinders and Rangers but can be adapted for Guides as well.

Workshop Information and Pricing

The Memory Project

The Memory Project is an organization that connects active serving Canadian Forces members and veterans with speaking engagements in their community. You can read more about us on our website. All of our programming is free of charge.

To book a speaker please fill out our online form here or contact me directly via phone or email. While Remembrance Day is our busiest time, we operate all year round. Please consider booking for one of these upcoming dates.

    February 15 - Flag Day
    March 8 - International Women’s Day
    April 9 - Vimy Ridge Day
    May 8 - Victory in Europe Day
    May 29 - International Day of UN Peacekeepers
    June 6 - Anniversary of D-Day Landings
    September 7 - Merchant Navy Veterans Day of Remembrance
    November 11 -Remembrance Day

We also offer a variety of free learning materials, including a FREE DVD. If you would like a DVD please email or phone 416-506-1867 x 235.


Friendship Flyer

Click the image above to download a fun new World Thinking Day resource from National!


Lisa F. with the 72nd Calgary Guides writes: "We recently had an enjoyable class in our meeting space run by Dwayne Simpson (Fightwize). He has experience in corrections/law enforcement, and training police. I would recommend him to other groups, Guide level and up. He had the girls doing kicks and strikes and learning how to get out of grabs and discussing personal safety in general, it was lots of fun. We paid $250 for 25 girls. (Good for the Guides "Streetwise" badge.)" Contact

STEM RESOURCE - Microsoft Youth Spark Field Trips

The Windows store at Chinook Mall offers youth field trip programs that tie in with the GGC STEM program.

Program Overview


A fun activity for Units to do from Guide to Ranger age. Flashlight Night activity can be done by older girls with their units, or younger girls with families. Facility is deep south part of City of Calgary


Will come to your unit location and host wildlife education programs on topics such as bats, birds of prey, skunks, owls, wetlands, wildlife rescue and more. All programs can be modified for different ages. Cost applies.


Hostelling International (HI) Participatory Challenge for Guides



Karla Williamson is the Calgary Area geocaching coordinator. There are GPS units, which are kept in Calgary, that the Provincial Office loans to GGC units in southern Alberta. These units can booked on the Provincial website.

Geocaches on GGC Campsites

IMPORTANT: There are geocaches that have already been placed on GGC campsites that only GGC Members have access to. Caches that are set on GGC campsites CANNOT be published on to be found by the general public as they have been placed on PRIVATE property. You as a Guiding Member can go find them, but the general public cannot.

Geocache coordinates:The GGC campsite geocaches have been already programmed into the south set of provincial GPS units. If you would like the coordinates for these geocaches, please contact Karla through the Calgary Program Committee,

Placing Geocaches:If you would like to place a geocache on a GGC campsite please contact Karla through the Calgary Program Committee,


The Resource Guide is a list of links that Calgary Area Unit Guiders have used in the past and recommend to their fellow Guiders to aid in the planning of program activities. Please email with suggestions for additions to the Resource Guide

Resource Guide